Daniel Roberts Builder and Quantity Surveyor

Daniel Roberts Builder and Quantity Surveyor
18/36 Abel Street
Wallsend NSW
Australia 2287

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Daniel Roberts started his career in construction working for a Yorkshire based quantity surveying company, Rex Procter and Partners where he gained a traditional training as a PQS, he completed his qualifications part time whilst attending Leeds Metropolitan University. Daniel worked on a range of projects from Supermarkets to Railway stations and had a passion for construction law and sustainable building. Daniel Roberts completed his qualifications in 2009 with a HBc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying and had a unique blend of hands on practical experience with the preparation of Bills of Quantities and Design and Build innovative commercial contracts. During his part time studies Daniel concluded his degree with an interest in sustainable building techniques and submitted his dissertation on the embodied energy of building components. It was as part of these studies that Daniel realised there was a significant disparity between energy savings within the additional building components such as insulation or double glazing and the tangible saving for the home occupants in terms of cost savings on energy consumptions and more importantly the implication of embodied energy (i.e. the amount of carbon omitted to produce a product v the saving to the environment over the life of a building). Daniel realised that in some instances it was counterproductive to install more insulation as the carbon emissions for production of the insulation was higher than could be computed of the life of a dwelling, Daniel found this alarming and concerning as the present strategy for sustainability within the industry was to install more and more insulation, Daniel identified this as a negative and potentially toxic strategy for value engineering of a property. Daniel has a natural gift for management of inherently complicated projects over a large geographic region and he receive recognition and coaching from his mentors in CAPEX deliverables for FirstScotrail and First Trans Pennine Express railway where he was an important part of their railway station improvements relating to the franshise commitments. It was during this period that Daniel learnt how to lodge development applications and enjoyed working on listed buildings. Daniel traveled most of the North of England and Scotland monitoring and managing the delivery of these projects. Prior to moving to Australia in 2009 Daniel worked in the United Arab Emirates producing “under pressure” timely procurement schedules for the first and business class check in and lounge for Ethihad Airways, whist under secondment with Walker Sime, a boutique quantity surveying firm in Manchester. Daniel sought to further his professional qualifications and enrolled with the RICS to completed his APC where he submitted a case study, diary and attended an interview in the Sydney office where he completed his assessment on the first application, he has been a full member since 2011. In additional to traditional Quantity Surveying and membership with the RICS, Daniel completed part time studies with Aberdeen University where he continued his interest in construction law at Post Graduate Certificate level via distance learning. Daniel moved away from this field of work as he was adverse to the litigious nature and could only see himself working within sustainability long term, a life of disputes did not appeal to him although he attained distinctions in a range of modules. Whilst working in Sydney for Rider Levett Bucknall Daniel expanded his awareness for the future of building and construction and worked in a team of professional quantity surveyors where he was promoted to Senior Quantity Surveyor working on Bills of Quantities, estimating and cost management of a range of projects from Residential to Hospitality, Commercial to Military. Daniel enjoyed due diligence and cost management and worked with a range of top tier lenders producing initial reports, cost plans and preformed onsite inspections together with variation assessments and final account statements. Daniel enjoyed working with Dasco on the Catania residential project and also with Grosvenor on the Eclipse Tower in Parramatta. Daniel has a passion for measurement and still knows how to use a ruler but is familiar with on screen measurement and BIM models. Whilst working on confidential military projects Daniel was proud to work with some of the most advanced BIM modeling for measurement and quantification and has always strived to be on the leading edge of technology whilst maintaining professional standards from his traditional quantity surveying training and routes. Daniel Roberts has been self employed since 2013 and specilises in traditional quantity surveying and cost management services for builders, land owners and general construction professionals. This ranges from simple procurement schedules for sub contractors to elemental cost plans for developers. Daniel has an attention to detail and always seeks to add value to development through knowledge and innovation. Daniel has been instrumental in shared savings agreements and partnerships where tangible benefits are identified and quantified a mutual gains basis. Daniel has consulted in a professional capacity to a number of high profile construction disputes during the 20017/2018 period involving outdated business strategies were cast into the light of sustainability and mutual gains with successful resolution. Daniels moto is win, win, win. This means win for both parties (for example builder and land owner) and the community / world (for example innovation of sustainability). Daniel is familiar with the increasing environmental challenges facing the world that were academic in 2008 but overdue in 2020. Never before has the built environment held such an important role in the improvement or degradation of the entire planet. The implication of isolated companies and groups of institutions now affects the lives of everyone including future generations.

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