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Lismore Engineering
190 Wilson Street South
Lismore NSW
Australia 2480

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Engineers - Agricultural Category

Lismore Engineering is a leading manufacturer of macadamia nut farming equipment inLismore, NSW. Since 2010, our team of specialists has been supplying and repairing high-quality macadamia harvesting and processing equipment to farmers across NSW and QLD. We’re also experts in engineering and can provide a wide range of engineering services and superior products for local businesses. We’ll work closely with you to meet all of your engineering and fabrication needs and deliver a timely solution that suits your budget. At Lismore Engineering, we’re nuts about macadamias! We’re proud to be one of the most experienced manufacturers of macadamia farming equipment in Australia. All of our machines are masterfully conceived and crafted by our engineering and design team using the most advanced drawing and modelling technologies available in the market.

Nearby Service areas are: Bentley, Bexhill, Blakebrook, Blue Knob, Boat Harbour, Booerie Creek, Boorabee Park, Booyong, Bungabbee, Caniaba, Chilcotts Grass, Clovass, Clunes, Coffee Camp, Corndale, Dorroughby, Dungarubba, Dunoon, East Lismore, Eltham, Eureka, Federal, Fernside, Georgica, Girards Hill, Goolmangar, Goonellabah, Howards Grass, Jiggi, Keerrong, Koonorigan, Lagoon Grass, Larnook, Leycester, Lillian Rock, Lindendale, Lismore Heights, Loftville, Marom Creek, Mckees Hill, Mcleans Ridges, Modanville, Monaltrie, Mountain Top, Nightcap, Nimbin, North Lismore, Numulgi, Repentance Creek, Richmond Hill, Rock Valley, Rosebank, Ruthven, South Gundurimba, South Lismore, Stony Chute, Terania Creek, The Channon, Tregeagle, Tucki Tucki, Tuckurimba, Tullera, Tuncester, Tuntable Creek, Whian Whian, Woodlawn, Wyrallah

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Namoi River: a great place to visit in New South Wales. Image © Nick Rains; Destination NSW. This photo sponsored by Engineers - Agricultural Category.
Image © Nick Rains; Destination NSW

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